Review completed, Final version deadline

The review and meta-review process of DiGRA Nordic 2012 was completed according to schedule in Monday, 2 April, and the authors have now been posted both their review statements and the review decision letter (these should arrive as two separate emails, so if you have submitted to the conference, but are missing either one, please contact the review chair, professor Raine Koskimaa, <raine.koskimaa (at)>). Note: the deadline for final versions is 7 May, 2012.

There were total of 46 interesting submissions on wide range of topics (42 papers, 4 panels and alternative forms) coming from all around the world. 24 papers were accepted, giving the acceptance ratio at 57 %. From DiGRA Nordic 2010 with its 13 accepted papers, there has been substantial growth, and the organisers want to thank both everyone who has submitted, as well as hard-working reviewers for their contributions.

Please remember that all authors need to be registered to the conference by 23 April, so that their papers will be included in the program and the proceedings. (See: )



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2 responses to “Review completed, Final version deadline

  1. Maura

    My paper was accepted to the conference and I am a master student. Should I register as a “regular non-member” or as an “undergraduate non-member”?

  2. Hi Maura – as a masters student, you can register in the “undergraduate” category.

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