DiGRA Nordic 2012 welcomes submissions of full papers, panels and alternative forms.


Note: the  submission is now closed (deadline was 21 February 2012)


Old instructions for submissions:

There is 7000 words maximum length limit for full papers, including references, notes etc. Full paper submissions should be anonymized, removing authors names, affiliations and other clearly identifying information from the submission version of the paper.

Alternative form proposals (like panels and roundtables) should include names of authors, general description and rationale for the proposed session, short abstracts for the individual presentations (in case of a panel), and information about authors. Alternative form proposals are not anonymized since speaker information is an important part of this types of proposals. Note that the authors submitting e.g. a panel proposal are encouraged to develop their talks into full papers, and links to papers can be included at the online panel description, but papers presented in the panels will not be included in the DiGRA Digital Library (that is reserved only for papers that have gone through the full paper review). The length of panel or roundtable proposals is not fixed, but it is typically two to four pages (500-1000 words range). Panels and roundtables should be scheduled to run c. 1,5 hours, workshops proposals should specify whether they are for a half-day or full day workshop (June 6th is the workshop day).

You should use the DiGRA template and follow the associated style guidelines when submitting. You can download the DiGRA template and guidelines from here (note that the link to the new template version was fixed in Jan 28th).

Submissions are now closed. The authors  and reviewers can still access the EasyChair conference system here.

Please either create new account or login with your previous one for EasyChair; select “New submission” from the top menu, and proceed through the track selection to fill in details and upload your paper/alternative proposal (remember to use the updated version of the DiGRA template). Note that in the track selection list there is a “ghost category” named “NorDiGRA2012” – please ignore that one (we are looking into ways of getting rid of it). There is also category “other” for full papers outside of themes, and the last item in the list is intended for panels and alternative form submissions (see the note above).


11 responses to “Submission

  1. Juha

    Could you open the submission system or provide an other way to submit a paper early? I am traveling the upcoming weeks and I want to submit my paper during this week.

  2. The submission system is still under construction; I recommend contacting directly the review chair (raine.koskimaa (at) to see for alternative means for submission.

  3. Hrishikesh

    Can the submission paper be co-authored (2 individuals) ?

  4. Hrishikesh – yes, collaboratively authored papers are pretty standard in this field. Please see the paper template for formatting details.

  5. Teresa

    Here you say that the paper subission should be anonymized, but the paper template includes the auhtors information. Should we remove that part from the template?

  6. Teresa – yes, the author information in the header should be anonymised, too – meaning that it only shows “author1, institute1 – author2, institute2”, etc. There is the section Blind Review at the end of the template which gives you more instruction:

    “Some DiGRA submission categories require blind review. To prepare your submission for blind review, remove author and institutional identities in the title and header areas of the paper. To preserve formatting, we recommend replacing identifying information with generic values (e.g. Anonymous Author at Anonymous Institution). You may also need to remove part or all of the Acknowledgments text. Further suppression of identity in the body of the paper and references is left to the authors’ discretion.”

    The template is the same for full (non-anonymous) and anonymous submissions, which is why it has to have the placeholders for identity information, even while author names should be removed from the submission in this case.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Hi — I submitted my paper yesterday. The paper was not anonymized because I though that it would not be blind-reviewed. Is that correct?

    I also added a fictive co-writer because the system required so. The fictive co-writer is not reported in the paper (1. page). Is that a problem?

  8. Anita – I recommend that you anonymize and resubmit your paper: all full papers will be subject to blind review. EasyChair should allow you to resubmit the new file so that it replaces the old version (there will be no double submission).

  9. tereija

    Hi, does author information be included in the final version of the paper? I suppose so, but just want to confirm. Thanks. Teresa

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